Christopher Rose, Psy.D.

Christopher Rose PsyDDr. Rose is a licensed clinical psychologist who obtained his undergraduate degree at Ithaca College and his doctoral degree from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Specializing in the area of psychological testing and consultation, Dr. Rose has expertise in the evaluation and assessment of cognitive, emotional and personality functioning. He has extensive experience with numerous test measures, including objective and projective instruments. He is skilled with child, adolescent and adult populations. Dr. Rose’s experience stems from the inpatient, outpatient, residential and educational milieus, conducting evaluations with clinical, academic and forensic foci. His clinical interest lie in the areas of diagnostic clarification ; assessing learning disorders and learning styles, ADHD; the autism spectrum, co-occurring disorders, assessing the psychological impact of trauma, anxiety and helping clients successfully build upon their personal strengths.

Over ten years of directorial experience also mark Dr. Rose’s resume, including clinical management and program direction for community and hospital outpatient behavioral health services. Systems enhancement and process improvement represent areas of interest and dedication. In that regard, Dr. Rose has a proven record of re-designing operations to ensure excellence in clinical care, satisfaction in the workplace, and outstanding customer service.