Coaching Services

“Rising numbers of college students arrive with challenges such as specific learning disabilities or a history of psychiatric challenges that impact their ability to navigate the academic and social expectations of a college setting.” (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Greater acceptance and understanding of learning disabilities and psychiatric disorders, along with improved treatment interventions, are all important factors underlying this increase.  As such, more students currently enrolled in colleges and universities require additional support services that cannot adequately be provided directly by the schools.

What are coaching services?  James Levine & Associates offers a program of coaching services for college students struggling with learning disabilities and/or mental health issues, or those finding the transition from home to college to be challenging.  Typically, coaching services focus on developing an individualized action plan that allows people to succeed at reaching the goals that they set for themselves. Coaching is also available to members of the public at large who would benefit from these types of services.

Coaching differs from therapy in that individuals often feel that they have the tools to be successful but that they need assistance in terms of planning, organization, motivation, and follow-through.  If the issues are more serious – such as a clinical level of depression, anxiety or significant interpersonal conflict – our experienced coaches can also provide referrals for psychotherapy or other needed services.

What coaching services does JLA provide? James Levine & Associates offers its own coaching format that is specifically geared to individuals living with psychiatric and learning challenges.  We have many years of experience providing both psychotherapy and psychological evaluations, and our coaching services are an additional feature. We assist students and others with

  • ADHD and/or Learning disabilities
  • Mood disorders (anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder)
  • Difficulties related to Trauma
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Eating Disorders

Our coaching addresses interpersonal and social issues, roommate concerns, managing academic or professional stresses, organizational/planning skills and other concerns related to improving overall functioning and wellbeing.

Our services begin with a comprehensive assessment of the individual’s specific needs in order to establish a program to meet those challenges.  We meet regularly with our coaching clients, talk with them by telephone each week, and coordinate with treatment providers as necessary. For further information about our coaching support services and fees, please contact our office 413.534.7400, or email us at