The Crisis Intervention Program

This all-in-one program assists schools to establish a comprehensive crisis intervention model that helps with developing a specific plan, responding during a crisis, and moving toward long-term recovery.

The professionals at James Levine & Associates know what to do after a death or other tragedy to restore a school’s capacity to do what it does best – help children learn.  Our many years of experience can help your school stabilize after an unexpected crisis.  Working with teachers, counselors, school nurses, administrators – and students and their families – we provide compassionate support on-site immediately during and after a death, suicide or natural disaster.  Our highly-trained clinical social workers, counselors, and psychologists will continue to support the school community in the weeks and months following a tragedy.

What Schools Can Expect:

The James Levine & Associates Crisis Intervention Program provides an in-depth understanding of the ways in which grief and stress can affect children and all the adults around them in the school community.  Based on empirically validated and up-to-date research including the Psychological First Aid and Rapid Assessment models, our program includes:

Plan Development:

Including consultation to school districts and training of identified school personnel to develop Crisis Intervention Plans.  Our years of experience have shown us that a school district’s prior preparation is critical for responding smoothly after a crisis.  Our skilled staff can remain as ongoing consultants to a district’s crisis intervention team as plans are disseminated, reviewed, evaluated and modified.

Plan Management and Community Communication:

Including communication tools for parents and other community members.  Parents benefit from knowing schools have a plan in place prior to a crisis and understanding the first steps if a crisis occurs.  Open lines of communication may prevent a crisis and allow for a more rapid response.

Implementation and Mental Health Triage:

In the event of a crisis or tragedy.  Intervening quickly, our counselors can provide direct services to students, parents, teachers, school personnel, and other community members.  We also support a school’s own clinical staff.  High risk students particularly benefit from direct individual and group assistance.  Teachers and other school staff may need targeted support from experienced clinicians to manage their grief and stress and allow them to continue helping their students.  Especially after a student suicide, parents of high risk students benefit from outreach and support from our accomplished staff.

Long-Term Recovery:

Including ongoing support for teachers, school counselors, and other personnel who work day-to-day with students as they recover from the aftermath of the crisis.  Our clinicians assist with assessment of students who remain traumatized.  We will assist with and facilitate referrals to community mental health services that may be needed by those impacted by the crisis.  As part of any crisis services our staff provide, we conduct debriefings and evaluations of the interventions.  School districts can work with our clinicians to incorporate what was learned during a crisis into future plans.

Our group has responded to and assisted schools with numerous crises over the last 15 years.  Our approach, based on extensive experience and developed specifically for school systems, aims to minimize emotional damage and reduce the degree of trauma.

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