Billing & Insurance FAQs

What is the payment address and contact information for the billing department?

James Levine & Associates, PC
9 College St., Ste 6
South Hadley, MA  01075
(413) 534-7400
(413) 534-7483 (FAX)

To whom should I write my check?

James Levine & Associates, PC (or JLA if you’re cheeky)

What forms of payment are acceptable?

We accept cash, check, debit cards, MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

Do I need to bring my insurance card to my appointment?

Yes.  We will ask you to present your insurance card when you check in for your appointments.

Can I be seen for an appointment if I don’t have insurance?

We are happy to assist you with any self-pay issues.  We may ask you to make appropriate financial arrangements prior to your visit by contacting Marisa Pasterczyk in our billing office at (413) 534-7400.

I received a statement but I didn’t think that I would owe anything.  Should I ignore the statement?

Please do not ignore your statement.  Receiving a statement indicates that there is a patient balance on your account.  That balance will remain active until it is paid by you or other action has been taken.  Ignoring your statement may result in a default status.  If you have questions about your statement or believe you have received a bill in error, please call us at (413) 534-7400.

I have different insurance coverage for a visit that is being billed to me.  What  should  I do?

Please call our office at (413) 534-7400 to report the new insurance.   It is extremely important that you notify us as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary problems with the processing of your claim with the insurance company.