In-Home ABA Services

Our in-home behavioral services use evidence-based practices and qualified professionals trained in ABA therapy to provide in-home behavioral therapeutic programs that make a positive difference in an individual’s development. Our in-home behavioral services utilize the individual’s natural environment and motivation to break down skills into smaller tasks, and practice those tasks until they are mastered skills and then generalized to multiple natural environments.

Common skills developed using ABA and behaviors targeted include:

  • Challenging Behaviors
  • Communication
  • Social Interaction
  • Life Skills
  • Toileting

All programs are developed individually and supervised by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs).

Programs are implemented by our behavior mentors, who regularly go to the home and carry out the BCBA’s behavioral intervention plan.

If your child has been diagnosed with Autism and is under the age of 21, and you have one of the following insurances, please call our offices for availability and more information.

  • Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership (MBHP)
  • HNE Be Healthy
  • Beacon/BMC
  • Beacon/GIC
  • Health New England

Once the insurer has provided an authorization, the BCBA assigned to your case will develop an individualized (FBA) Functional Behavioral Assessment on your child, which includes understanding the function of the behavior and developing a (BSIP) Behavior Support Intervention Plan, which will be carried out by the behavior mentor under the supervision of the BCBA. The BCBA and the behavior mentor will work closely with the family in helping the child achieve the goals determined in the BSIP.

JLA has also partnered with Community Resources for People with Autism to provide in-home behavior services for families under the Autism Waiver Program.

JLA is continually adding new, qualified staff to provide these services. Please call our office at 413-534-7400 to obtain the latest information on availability and/or to add your child’s name to our wait list.