Katharine Waggoner, LICSW

Katharine headshot

I have deep faith in the ability of the psychotherapy process to facilitate movement towards greater peace and freedom in an embodied life. My interest in the psychotherapy process was borne out of my own experience of eating disorder treatment and recovery, which took place hand in hand with my own coming out process as a queer femme.

I tend to work with clients on developing the ability to attend to one’s thoughts, feelings and somatic experience in the present moment without judgment, and the value of finding a balance between change and acceptance. I also often work with folks on exploring and challenging the ways in which structural oppressions related to their gender, sexual, class, race and ethnic identities are causing distress, both directly and in their internalized forms.

Many of the clients I work with identify under the transgender umbrella and require various documentation to secure services related to medical transition. I operate on an informed consent basis when it comes to providing this kind of documentation and am available to provide such both for my ongoing psychotherapy clients and on a one-time basis.

In terms of my own educational background and social identity, I studied Psychology at Mount Holyoke College from 2000-2004, and received my M.S.W. from the Smith College School of Social Work in 2008; I’m a decade in, and I’m still learning. I am a queer, cisgender, femme, White woman, a mother and a firm believer in the power of a cup of tea.