Martin Kounitz, LICSW

Feeling stuck in your career or relationship? Stressed or angry? Trouble sleeping?

Together we’ll understand what causes and maintains your challenges, and how to overcome them.  My approach is that effective treatment comes from a strong working relationship, a trusting partnership.  In a safe, nonjudgmental way, I help adolescents, adults and couples to explore conflicts and obstacles sometimes outside of their awareness that block them from achieving satisfaction. With over 20 years-experience in corporate finance prior to working as a therapist, I understand career stress.

In practice since 2009, my experience includes treating adolescents, adults and couples in a clinic and in private practice in New York.  My focus is on helping with relationship conflicts, depression, anxiety, men’s sexual health and sleep issues.  I have a special interest in sleep disorders, including insomnia, falling asleep too late or too early, and nightmares.

To tailor effective treatment, I’m trained in a range of methods including cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic psychotherapy.  For sleep problems, I use cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, an evidence-based technique which the American College of Physicians recommends as the first-line treatment.

My training includes two post-masters programs in New York, the Metropolitan Institute for Training in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and the William Alanson White Institute, which emphasizes relational psychotherapy.  For sleep disorders, I trained at the University of Pennsylvania and Oxford University.  I earned my MSW in 2009 from Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service.  I also received an MBA from Columbia University and graduated college from the University of Chicago.