Psychological Testing FAQs

What is the process for making a referral?

After calling our office and reaching the psychological testing intake coordinator, information will be requested regarding type of testing and/or referral questions to be answered, contact information, insurance information as applicable, and whether testing was requested by another provider. Although appointments are not scheduled during this call, an estimated wait time will be provided and the client’s name will be added to the wait list. Within one week from the initial call, the supervisor of testing services will provide a return call to confirm placement on the wait list and to answer any further questions regarding the process.

What is the typical testing process?

During the evaluation process, the psychologist will develop an individualized testing plan based on the unique needs of the individual, and the questions to be answered within the evaluation. In addition to direct test measures, data may be collected from the client’s family, school, and broader support system, with written permission, in order to develop a comprehensive picture of a whole person.

How long with the testing process take?

Many insurance plans require a one-hour intake meeting in advance of scheduling testing in order to collect background information and to fill out requisite paperwork to gain insurance authorization. The testing date will be scheduled once insurance authorization has been received. Testing will typically be completed in one session of approximately 3-4 hours, although this process can be broken into more sessions as needed. From the date of testing, a written report will typically be provided within approximately 3 weeks, assuming that all testing related data has been made available during that time. Evaluation feedback may be provided in person or by phone, depending on the preference of the client.

Should prescribed medication be used on the day of testing?

The use of medication on the day of testing will need to be determined on a per case basis and will require discussion with the evaluator prior to the testing date.

Are there any age restrictions to participate in testing?

Testing can be completed with a full range of individuals from toddlers to the elderly. Although any care provider may make the testing referral, individuals over the age of 18 are required to sign written consent for their own assessment and must be fully willing to participate.

Will insurance cover the evaluation?

Although insurance companies vary somewhat in their level of coverage for psychological testing services, many will cover basic psychological and diagnostic assessment. Assessment related to determining academic functioning or seeking accommodations for standardized testing are typically not covered by insurance. Testing services that are not covered by insurance can be paid for out of pocket. Information regarding the hourly rate for such services can be acquired by calling the office. Testing that is paid for out of pocket may require a deposit to be paid on the day of testing with the remainder paid before the final report is provided.

Who will receive the report?

The final written report will be provided to the individual or entity responsible for payment. Those individuals paying through private insurance or out of pocket will receive one copy of the report which they may choose to copy and share with any additional providers. For those assessments requested by school systems, including independent evaluations, one report will be provided to the school and must be requested from the school by the client. In special situations, copies of reports may be provided to social service agencies or other legal entities if written permission is provided.