School Consultation Services

School administrators face a myriad of children’s behavioral, social-emotional and mental health issues every day. James Levine & Associates provides affordable solutions that are highly effective, with a school-wide as well as individualized student approach to managing challenging behavior.

Our models of behavioral and social-emotional learning interventions lead to improved test scores while reducing drop-out rates, grade retention and disciplinary referrals. This leads to better student performance and an enhanced learning and social environment for everyone. Our strategies are effective at helping school districts meet the standards set by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) with regard to special education audits as well as state and regional accreditation reviews. Equally important, we help improve teachers’ job satisfaction, increase parent buy-in, and address student needs in an effective, culturally sensitive way.

JLA provides both on-site and videoconferencing consultation to teachers, in-district behaviorists, counselors, psychologists, school nurses and administrators to deliver ongoing support and to insure the integrity and effectiveness of our models. Services are individually tailored according to the needs of each school district. Our staff of licensed clinicians, with a full 20 years of experience as a group, brings practical and theoretical knowledge that works.

The JLA models of intervention cover an extensive range of topics such as:

  • Specific ways to help children with trauma
  • disruptive behavioral disorders
  • anxiety and other mood disorders
  • learning disabilities
  • executive functioning deficits
  • neurological disorders including ADHD and Tourette’s Syndrome
  • autism spectrum disorders
  • Staff training for understanding children’s challenging behaviors
    and managing safety concerns and approaches for de-escalating crisis situations.
  • Evidence-based approaches for creating a bullying-free environment – focused on social skills and character development.
  • How to develop and maintain successful Positive Behavior Support Plans.

To this end, we currently partner with more than 50 school districts and public agencies, and are now offering our services nationwide. Along with our consultation and professional development – oriented to each of the three tiers of RTI – we also offer two specific intervention models: School Supports © and our School Crisis Intervention Program. We coordinate interventions so that schools and families work together to ensure the educational, social, and psychological well-being of all children.