The School Supports Program

JLA’s structured school supports program helps districts to (1) identify and clarify students’ mental health needs within their schools, (2) strengthen their intervention models, and (3) reduce disciplinary referrals, suspensions and expulsions.  As a result, students can learn, teachers are more positive about their roles, and school climate improves.

Motivated by the federal government’s Now is the Time initiative – schools are at the forefront of identifying and helping children with their mental and behavioral health needs.  It is imperative, therefore, that every school has a clear, well thought-out approach to helping students with mental health and behavioral concerns. This helps the school improve academically, decrease discipline problems, and prevent students at-risk for dropout. Our model of program evaluation and trainings includes:

  • Mental health in schools: How to transform complicated diagnoses into the real world of children and the classroom.  Audience: Child Study Team/Student Assistance Team members, along with invited others (administrators, counselors, school nurses, specialists, interested teachers).
  • Unique learners and executive functioning skills.  Audience: CSTs/SATs, regular and special education teachers, counselors.
  • Trauma in children, families and communities: What should schools do? Audience: CSTs/SATs, school/district crisis teams, other interested members of school community.
  • Supplemental Trainingsas determined by the initial program evaluation and continuing input from CST/SAT members.  Many schools have requested additional workshops in the areas of crisis intervention, anxiety disorders, working effectively with challenging parent, and/or helping children on the autism spectrum.
  • Ongoing clinical and program consultation: The third phase of our model addresses efficient and effective ways to “manage” difficult and often disruptive behaviors, emphasizing prevention and de-escalation. These are students often categorized as “Tier 3” in the Response-to-Intervention model.  As specialized, embedded clinical support to teams, we help to build in-district capacity for preventing and responding to these challenges.  The result is fewer disciplinary actions, out-of-school suspensions, and referrals to special education.  When needed, we provide technical assistance focused on team operations so that schools are able to develop and maintain successful CSTs/SATs.

James Levine & Associates has been providing these consulting services in schools for 20 years. Whether a student has a history of trauma, a mental health disorder, or learning struggles – or all of the above – we’re here to help.