Simon Taylor, LICSW

For the vast majority of my career, I have assumed a dual path. One path was that of a psychotherapist, who has assumed extensive training and experience in couples, family and individual therapy with adults and adolescents. The other path was that of first working in, then developing and running, therapeutic residential and day treatment programs.

These treatment programs were designed for children and adolescents who have endured great trauma or suffer from major mental illness. These same programs specialized in milieu treatment as well as individual and family therapy with the parents or guardians of those who were in our care.  Many of these programs, I was brought aboard to improve upon.  Which we did. In 1993 I also became the founding director of Three Rivers, a clinically intensive residential treatment facility that served the most psychiatrically impaired children in the state of Massachusetts.

 After more than 25 years, I decided to leave the work in residential and day treatment programs. I then assumed a dual role in my professional life between that of a consultant to public schools and that which I had always done; providing outpatient individual, couples and family therapy.  As a consultant, I specialize in actively helping schools to develop and successfully run programs to meet the needs of children who suffer from mental illness and significant behavioral difficulty.

 I am a graduate of Smith College School for Social Work’s Master’s program.  I have completed a 2-year extensive family and group therapy training programs at the Menninger Foundation, which was, at the time, in Topeka, Kansas. I have also completed an additional 2-year post-masters training program in Family and Couples Therapy in Boston, Massachusetts.